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  Webinars & Meetings

Below you will find inormative webinars. Some of the webinars are designed specifically for administrators, while most others are for all employees.

Open Enrollment 2022 Webinars
Get information about Open Enrollment by attending one of the following webinars:

Thursday, May 19 9:30 am Attend
Monday, May 23 11:30 am Attend
Wednesday, May 25 7:00 pm Attend
Thursday, June 2 10:00 am Attend
Monday, June 6 3:00 pm Attend
Thursday, June 9 6:00 pm Attend

The RCAB High Deductible Health Plan Webinars
Get information about the RCAB HDHP by attending one of the following webinars.

Tuesday, May 24 4:00 pm Attend
Tuesday, June 7 2:00 pm Attend

Webinars for Employees
Register now for the following webinars:

Preventing Back Pain with Kara Lavertu, Wellness & Wellbeing Manager
Wednesday, May 4th @ 4pm
Participants will learn about spinal anatomy, common back issues as we age or that may occur through everyday activities and preventing back pain to improve our daily lives!
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Go Global: Superfoods from Around the World
Tuesday, May 10th @ 6pm
Learn how to incorporate into your diet healthy superfoods from a variety of countries around the world! The webinar will feature traditional cultural food and their health benefits, as well as offer recipes and shopping lists to turn your kitchens into a global destination!

Seven Habits for Truly Effective Weight Management
Wednesday May 18th @ 5:30pm
This webinar will review seven fundamental behaviors that correlate with long-term weight management. Regardless of whether you are challenged with losing or maintaining weight, this webinar isn’t about promoting a magic bullet or achieving immediate results. Instead, you will learn about the real work needed to lose weight in a healthy way.

Online Cooking Class! Comfort Foods Made Healthy
Tuesday, May 24th @ 6:30pm
“Comfort foods” can sometimes be loaded with butter, heavy creams, thick sauces, and processed ingredients. This online cooking class aims to redefine ‘comfort foods’ and introduces a new and healthier way of preparing mealtime favorites to be more nutrient-rich and beneficial to your health, without compromising on flavor!

Previously Recorded Webinars
For more information about important topics, review one of our previously recorded webinars:

For Employees

For Administrators


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